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Emergency Home Septic Services in El Monte

At West Coast Sanitation, we understand how overwhelming it can be to deal with an unexpected plumbing or septic problem. Imagine the frustration of dealing with a backed up septic tank during a party, in the middle of the night or right before you leave for work. Luckily, you can avoid unnecessary stress by calling West Coast Sanitation for our 24/7 service to provide immediate solutions.

At West Coast Sanitation, we take our superior customer service very seriously. You can count on fast and reliable services for your septic system any time of day or night.


For residential septic system emergencies in El Monte, you can count on West Coast Sanitation 24/7. Contact us today for any questions!


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Common Signs of Septic System Problems

  • Soft spots in the soil around the septic tank or disposal field
  • Septic odors in or around the house
  • Patches of unusually vibrant vegetation above the leach field
  • Strange noises and gurgling in the plumbing lines
  • Slow draining plumbing fixtures
  • Complete backup of the plumbing in the house
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    Home Septic System Emergency in El Monte

    You can depend on West Coast Sanitation for the experience and professionalism required to provide solutions that are completed accurately and on time. We also guarantee that all septic service and maintenance activities are conducted with safe, sanitary and environmentally conscious techniques and employee training.

    Call our El Monte office today (951) 351-9775