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Septic Repair Service RiversideYou rely on your septic system to keep your home’s plumbing properly draining, so it’s important to take care of it to prevent problems. Here are five signs your septic system needs repair.
1. Sewage Backup
If raw sewage is backing up into your home through the toilets or drains, it’s a clear sign something isn’t working properly in your system.
2. Flooded Leech Field
If you notice your leech field looks swampy or flooded, you should have your septic system inspected and repaired right away, so the problem is fixed before other parts of your property are contaminated.
3. Water Contaminated
If your water source is a well on your property, issues with your septic system could contaminate your water, leading to sickness and other serious problems for your and your family. If your well water shows positive signs of contamination, check your septic system.
4. Odors
If you start smelling unpleasant sewage odors either inside or outside your home, it could be a sign that your septic system isn’t draining properly.
5. Slow Drainage
A single slow drain in your home is usually the result of a clog or other self-contained problem. However, if all the drains start running slowly, it’s most likely an issue with your septic system.
It’s essential to keep your septic system functioning properly to prevent unpleasant and even dangerous consequences. There are several signs that your system could need repair such as sewage backup or slow drains. To learn more about septic system repair, call West Coast Sanitation at 951-780-5922.