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Probing & Electronic Tank Locating in La Puente

Are you unsure of the exact location of your septic tank?

Unless you are the original homeowner, finding the septic system can be frustrating and time consuming. Electronic septic tank locating by West Coast Sanitation can help you time and money. If you bought a home recently or if you have lived there a while and the septic system needs some work you are going to have to know where the tank is.

For residential septic installations and repairs in La Puente, you can count on West Coast Sanitation 24/7. Contact us today for any questions!


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Why do I need to know the location of my septic tank?

Homeowners are responsible for the proper operation and maintenance of their septic systems and sometimes the septic tank is too hard to locate. Careful maintenance includes annual inspections of the septic tank and pumping out the septic tank every two to three years, depending on the number of people using the system and the volume of daily grey water flow.
Improper maintenance of a septic system can result in a health hazard, reduced lifespan of your system or contaminating the groundwater or surface water that you and your neighbors are drinking.
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Record the Location of Your Septic Tank

For future reference, be sure to note down the location of your septic tank.

For residential septic system maintenance, you can rely on the professionals at West Coast Sanitation. We have been serving our satisfied La Puente area customers for many years and always make a point of working at your convenience. We complete our work quickly, yet efficiently, and avoid disruptions. Our experienced team has a proven attention to detail that gets the job done perfectly every time.

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