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Home Septic System Installations in Pomona

First rate septic system installation and maintenance is what we do best at West Coast Sanitation. We accurately assess your needs, whether you are building a new home or adding on to your existing home. Our expertise will give you peace of mind that your septic system will keep up with demand and run smoothly for years to come.

At West Coast Sanitation, our highly-trained technicians can handle all types of septic system installations. We will guide you through all the possible choices and make sure the project is done efficiently and within your budget.

For residential septic system installations in Pomona, you can count on West Coast Sanitation 24/7! Contact us today for any questions!


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Evaluating Your Site

To determine the size and type of your septic tanks and absorption field, characteristics of your soil will need to be evaluated by a professional West Coast Sanitation engineer.

To arrive at the best possible solution for your needs, our experts will perform numerous tests during the site evalution to accurately assess the most efficient septic solution to provide your family with generations of low maintainance use. We will also work with your local permitting authority to arrive at the best, most affordable repair option for your specific site.

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Home Septic Installation Services in Pomona

West Coast Sanitation uses only high-quality material to provide decades of problem-free use. Our team will get your home septic system installed and working quickly and efficiently. Our technicians are highly-trained, with years of experience in installing septic tanks, leach lines, pumping stations, stone area beds, shallow trenches, full raised sand leach beds, distribution boxes, drop boxes and much more. Our Pomona area team at West Coast Sanitation specializes in residential and commercial septic services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

At West Coast Sanitation, we take great pride in the work that we do and we are proud to say that our high-quality septic system services will easily surpass your needs.

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