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Septic tank risers are extensions that are installed over the openings of a septic tank. They can either be buried our brought to grade (surface level) to allow easier access to the inside of the septic tank for pumping, other maintenance, and inspection. Risers allow you or a professional technician to avoid searching for the septic tank and digging a hole in your lawn.

Risers are made from strong materials that are not susceptible to weather and environmental conditions. The length of the riser depends on how far below the ground your septic tank is positioned. A secure lid covers the opening of the riser.


Installing a riser is similar to any routine septic tank maintenance procedure. If you are unsure as to the exact location of your tank, our professional technicians can find the tank by probing the ground with a bar or using an electronic locating device. The ground around the access hole is then dug up. Next, the riser replaces the lid to the access hole. The ground is then re-filled around the pipe and a lid is placed at the top of the pipe.



Installing a septic tank riser involves a one-time cost for materials and labor. However, the riser will save you money on subsequent maintenance and inspections if your tank is hard to find or reach. Septic tanks should be inspected at least once a year, and pump-outs should typically occur every three to five years for an average family of four. Tank accessibility is a primary factor in determining the cost of a septic tank’s maintenance procedures. A tank riser is the easiest way to access the tank, so having a riser will significantly reduce the cost of septic tank maintenance. The long-term savings will add up considerably.


A riser that extends above or is flush with the surface of your lawn provides the most convenient access. However, most homeowners do not want a pipe or lid sticking out in the middle of their lawn. To avoid this unsightly problem, you can choose to install the lid of the riser a few inches below the surface of the lawn. This way, grass and a thin layer of soil or another landscaping surface can cover the lid. With a riser lid just below the ground, the lawn can be maintained as usual, and accessing the port will require only minimal effort when it comes time to pump or inspect your tank.

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